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Adult Shemale Personals - About UsAdult Shemale Personals brings you everything you’ve been looking for with shemales, trans women, drag queens and more. We have a couple of articles written out to help you understand more about dating shemales and what to expect once you’ve got a date with one. There are certain points that we highly recommend you look over. Take a look at our Where To Meet Shemales article along with our How To Meet Shemales article.

Check back with us on a regular basis to see what we’ve added to our site and get the first hand low-down on other people’s experiences with dating shemales and what worked and didn’t work. This is a community and we all come together to help, that’s what makes us the best.

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Browse the shemale personals profiles below to begin your search for your perfect shemale friends or lovers. It is absolutely free to join. Try a free membership and browse the listings of local shemales in your area, or anywhere you travel. If you like what you see, you can try a trial membership for as little as $2. There really is very little to lose and who knows who you will meet! We believe that dating shemales should be easier and less expensive. That’s why you will never, ever be asked for credit card information when signing up for our personals site. It’s legitimately 100% FREE and always will be!