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Adult Shemale Personals will help you locate the best places around to find shemales who are also looking for dates. Meeting shemales doesn’t have to be difficult or intimidating. There are certain things you have to learn in order to successfully meet shemales AND take them on a date. You may risk rejection if you’re not careful, so listen up, we’ll show you the ropes!

Adult shemale personals - meet shemales and live your fantasy!

Meeting shemales online is probably your best bet for success so let’s go over that first. We partner with a ton of online platforms whose sole purpose is to bring you in touch with the adult shemale personals community that you would otherwise not be in touch with. You can browse thousands of profiles of sexy shemales looking for the same things you are. There are different forms of this such as Dating sites and webcams. Webcams you get instant video chat right there and are able to break the ice a little easier. Cam models are there for the purpose of making you comfortable and allowing you to express your sexual desires. Dating profiles take a little more work so let’s go over some do’s and don’ts:

Live Shemale Chat to Practice Pickup Techniques

Live shemale chat is online 24/7. Just sign up for instant access. This is a fun, friendly chat room for shemales and admirers to interact, share pictures, engage in private messages and make new trans friends. We strive to be totally inclusive so you may meet new friends who identify as shemales, transgender, trans, transexual, crossdressers, male to female, female to male, pre-op, post-op, non-op, transvestites, intersex, androgynous, straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, genetic males, genetic females, significant others and friends.

When Talking To A Shemale, DO:

  1. Introduce yourself politely
  2. Express your interests in a non-sexual manner.
  3. Treat them no differently than you do any other human
  4. Ask them about their day
  5. Refrain from vulgar comments

When Talking To A Shemale, DON’T:

  1. Act possessively
  2. Start out talking about sex
  3. Send Unsolicited nudes
  4. Make off-colored comments
  5. Assume they want sex

Now that we’ve covered that, let’s move on to where you should be going to find these unicorns. We’ve compiled a list of places you can go to link up with local shemales all over the globe. Take a look and choose what site suits you best. (Every site is geo-targeted and will pull up profiles of shemales near you) CLICK HERE FOR ADULT SHEMALE PERSONALS

Meeting Shemales in Person

Supply and demand: There are so many more shemale admirers than shemales, so you need to take just a few steps to make sure you stand above the other shemale admirers. This is a competitive game you’re playing and you have plenty of competition. Shemales in the personals have dozens of potential dates at any given time. A gorgeous shemale may have hundreds to choose from! Make sure that you stand out from the others. I guess you could say, try Peacocking. It works, just don’t over-do it. She doesn’t want someone who’s over-board, she wants someone who piques her interest and doesn’t lose it. So step it up, homeboy. She doesn’t know you and she doesn’t owe you anything so it’s up to you to make that great first impression. Treat shemales with respect, the same way you would like to be treated.

Be the guy who says and does all the right things! Seducing a majestic human can be really intimidating but keeping it real, they’re just humans like the rest of us. They deserve to be treated with the utmost respect and kindness. Making sure you’re not being a total D-bag will take you really far in your endeavors.

Shemale Bars & Nightclubs Directory

You can often meet local shemales at local trans-friendly LGBTQ+ bars and nightclubs. If you’re ready to get out and meet transexual babes, we have an up-to-date online listing at’s Shemale Bars & Clubs Directory – This is the fastest way to find the tranny nightspots where you can mingle with local shemales! Another great resource for finding  trans-friendly nightclubs in the USA is found at’s comprehensive USA transexual club listings.

Adult Shemale Escort Ads & Sex Personals

If you prefer to skip the bar scene and meet shemales for no-strings sex, then the adult shemale escort ads and transexual sex personals are the fastest way to go. Try a search at the BonePage shemale escort ads for local transexual sex hookups without the hassles. Another place to find shemale escorts and no-strings transexual dating is FreeSexAds, in their shemale sex classifieds.

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